Restaurant Review!: Sake & Samba in Vernon Hills, IL

I wanted to tell you about this great restaurant that my mom, husband, and I tried out tonight. Judging from reviews I read on the internet just now, I’m guessing the restaurant is fairly new, so it seems that they have been making some changes to their menu and pricing. But from our experience, I think they got it right!

Anyway, the restaurant is called Sake & Samba, and it’s located at 700 North Milwaukee Avenue #128 in Vernon Hills, IL. We actually found it just driving around the strip malls across from Hawthorne Square Mall trying to find something to eat. What attracted us to Sake & Samba is that they serve 2 of our most favorite types of food, Japanese AND Brazilian (genius, lol)!

I have to admit that since the restaurant is in a strip mall, I didn’t expect it to be as upscale as it is inside. We weren’t really planning on eating at a nice restaurant when we left the house to go to the mall, so I did feel a little under-dressed and out of place when we walked in, especially since we had our 9-month old with us. But I was very pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the Sake & Samba staff! It wasn’t long until I felt comfortable being there.

The meals at Sake & Samba are all you can eat. On weekdays, lunch is $14.95 and dinner is $24.95. It is $29.95 on the weekends. There is different pricing for children. If you have been keeping up with My Joys, I know you are probably thinking that $30 seems like a lot of money for me to spend on one meal. Well, my husband and I have agreed that we don’t mind spending money on good food. Also, I think $30 is actually a REALLY reasonable price, considering that the Brazilian steakhouse that we used to go to when we lived in Milwaukee was $45/person.

So what did we get for $30? There was an all you can eat salad bar, which included an assortment of salads, vegetables, garnishes, cheese, and sushi. It also had Brazilian beans and rice. It was all very good! We were even impressed by how tasty the sushi was. Then, they came out with the meat cuts. We had a prime cut of top sirloin, another type of sirloin, pork sausage, parmesan pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped chicken breast, garlic steak, and bacon wrapped filet mignon. They also came out with grilled bananas, mashed potatoes, and grilled pineapple. Again, all of it was delicious! My favorites were both types of sirloin, as well as the grilled banana and pineapple.

I only have 3 complaints about Sake & Samba:
1). We were not able to take the food we couldn’t finish home.
2). Pop was $2 per can.
3). My husband did not see a changing table in the men’s restroom for him to change the baby’s diaper on, so he ended up changing her on the floor (on a changing pad of course).

But I have to say that even though the food was REALLY good, the best part of our experience at Sake & Samba, was the service. The server was super friendly and did what she could to accommodate us. She even went to double check to see if we could take our leftovers home with us and was very apologetic when she told us we couldn’t. She also made sure to tell me to leave my email address on their survey that was placed in the bill folder, so I could receive coupons (and you know how much I love coupons)! I think the fact that they have a survey shows that they are dedicated quality. The guy who came out with the meats was also very friendly. He really seemed to enjoy what he was doing and made sure to explain what everything was. He also made sure to keep the meat coming! And as we were leaving, we were happy to have 2 staff members come to hold the doors open for us even though they were cleaning up for the night.

Overall, our experience at Sake & Samba was excellent, and I’m sure we will be going back there 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my review! If you have a chance to try Sake & Samba, or would like to share a past experience you have had there, click on the title of this post and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

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