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Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Midwest Moms Media Brands & Bloggers Summit in Chicago. I met some AMAZING people and learned so much about building my blog, and, most importantly, being myself! It made me realize that maybe I have been holding back a little bit, so I thought I would share more of my story with you.

Although My Joy My World is only less than 2 months old, I have actually been a blogger for 2 years now. I started my first blog after taking a couponing class and being introduced to a group of blogs that were mostly about couponing and saving money. I thought it was great that they were sharing their wonderful tips online, so I asked if I could join them, and the mom who owned the group of blogs helped me start my own . I loved being a part of the group, and I especially enjoyed being able to help others, simply by writing and posting on the internet! Although I enjoyed my time with them, I eventually decided that it was no longer a good fit for me and left the group.

After a short while, I started missing what I was able to share, making connections with others, and the blogging world, so I decided to start my own site. I realized that, although I love blogging about deals and savings, which you’ll notice that much of My Joy My World is about, I have so much more to share, especially being a first-time mom. So, My Joy My World was born 🙂 It was difficult to let go of all of the hard work I put into my previous blogs and have to start all over, but it is also so refreshing to have something that is my own and I can personalize to be ME! I absolutely love it!

As a blogger, I have to say that yesterday, was probably one of the best experiences I have had! I learned so much more in just one day at the Midwest Moms Media Brands & Bloggers Summit than I learned in 2 years of blogging! Attendees included those who have been blogging pretty much since the internet first came out to those who are just beginning and don’t even have their site up yet. I learned A LOT, but I just want to share some of the things that really stood out to me:

  • It’s not about the numbers, it’s about WHO YOU ARE. People and companies want to work with you because of YOU, not just because of how many readers, Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers, posts a day, etc, you have (although it’s really nice to have all of those).
  • Be authentic. Appearances are not always about how you look, it’s about who you are. One of my favorite quotes given by local celebrity, Miss Lori, was “Understand what you have, who you are, and what you want the world to know.” You are unique and people want to get to know you.
  • Blogging is not a competition. I actually already knew this, but, from experience, I know that there are bloggers out there that do not understand it. There’s enough to go around for everyone. Even if there is another blog out there with a similar subject matter, from the same area, or even with a similar name as your site, the content will never be the same. Most bloggers are actually more than happy to help others out through advice and passing on their connections. Working with others is a VERY GOOD thing!
  • Network with and get to know other bloggers to help you grow, get recognized, and stay sane! I know the last part may seem silly, but speaking with everyone, I really felt that I was part of a family, and I even got some great first-time mommy advice!
  • There is a blog for pretty much anything you can think of! If you’re passionate about something, have a certain interest, live a certain lifestyle, or even just want to learn more about a subject matter, I encourage you to search for it. There are so many people writing out there with a wealth of knowledge, and you’ll never know what you’ll learn or find!
  • Learn Twitter. I know the basics of how to use my Twitter account, but to be honest, I haven’t really done much more than follow people and companies, and retweet during Twitter parties. I didn’t realize that Twitter is the best way for you to be found! So, I will have to find someone to show me the ropes and teach me all about hashtagging, tagging others in my tweets (is that what it’s called? lol), and whatever else I need to know about Twitter!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people I met and who helped put the Midwest Moms Media Brands & Bloggers Summit together, especially Chicagonista‘s MJ Tam, who founded the event! You all are truly EMPOWERING and INSPIRING, and I hope to see you next time! If you’re a blogger or are thinking about starting a blog, I totally recommend that you attend a blogger conference. They have them throughout the year all across the nation…all you have to do is search.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. I will be revamping my About Me page to tell you more about who I am, so please make sure to look for that 🙂

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